I visited the IKON gallery and the Birmingham Art Gallery to widen my views on art and to see more artists to get more inspiration for future art. However, it wasn’t very successful as the type of art I am interested in was not shown at either of the art galleries. Not only was the type of art there that I liked, but it wasn’t useful or inspiring either. I didn’t look at anything and think ‘I have a new idea’. I still took photos though, as I thought some were interesting and slightly strange!

At the IKON, I was most interested in the sign when I walked in, as I thought it was eye-catching and an effective font. There was an artist that used spray paint to create portraits and then an artist that created bowls out of metal and placed them around the room. I thought that the artist who used the spray paint used effective colours on one of the portraits, as shown in the image above. I then went to Birmingham art gallery which was full of fine art and I didn’t think this was really relevant. I did like the architecture though and one of the exhibits was modern art, which I thought was really weird, but I did like one piece of art, the one shown in the last image.

I will continue to visit art galleries and view the different art they have to offer as I think it is a good way to widen my interests.


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