Bedow is a design agency based in Stokholm, Sweden and it started when Perniclas Bedow lost his day job at an advertising agency, he then decided to create his own company. The company now has 4 designs and often employs interns that are graduates.

Perniclas Bedow said ‘Since we spend more than half of our lives at work, I think the most important thing is that we work with clients we like. Working with clients we like also makes us care and I think you can see that in our work. So the answer would be that it is mutual — careful work attracts careful clients and vice versa.’ I think this is really important as if you’re not interested in the work, the work won’t be good. But you also have to work well with the people you are designing for as you need to understand the goal.

Bedow’s design process is as follows: ‘We have a quite rational design process. We set up a strategy together with the client and decide what is relevant to communicate. When we have boiled everything down to one keyword, we start thinking about how to visualise that word. Those who take a closer look at our portfolio can probably spot a keyword in many of our projects.’

After looking over the work on their website, I really like the work that they create as it is really fun and quirky. However, I do like other projects more than others, as I think some designs are slightly boring and do not attract my attention straight away.

Firstly, I really like their album cover design for ‘It’s Time For…’ by The Hope Singers.

I really love the colour palette they used for the whole cover and I think the colours really stand out against the brown cardboard background. The text and the images are screen printed, which I was really interested in because I love the process and outcome of this technique. I love the font they have used as each letter is different and I love the little illustrations created for the front and the extra booklet.

My attention was also caught by the little monster on their website, which had ‘Fable’ written underneath.

I love the really simple colour scheme they have used as it allows viewers to focus on the fun illustrations. ‘Fable’ is a new skate brand aimed at skaters that want to ride and make a difference at the same time. Half of Fable’s profit goes to charity — mainly to projects that keep skateboarding an inclusive sport. The assignment included a logotype, character design, color palette, illustrations, merchandise, naming, patterns, skateboard design, animations and typography.

This style is really interesting to me as the quirky and strange characters is something that I would like to design in the future, if the right project pops up.

In contrast to the simple colour scheme of the previous project, this visual identity and communication concept for BAAAM — a digital destination delivering engaging lifestyle content for young women, has many bright but pastel colours. I really love the patterns and colours which contrast with the flowing white text.

I think the patterns and colours really will appeal to women, which is who it is aimed at. I am really inspired by the designs of this particular project.

And finally, Bedow has created a brand strategy for Dohop — one of the top flight search engines in the world. Assignment included logotype, custom typefaces, color palette, illustrations, animations, pictograms and stationery.

Again, this project is really playful and fun. I love the line drawn pictograms and how they’re paired with the simple, but computerised font. This project’s goal was to make holiday shopping more fun, which I think has been successful as the small images and the colour scheme make it less boring.


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