After researching and trying to find more inspiration for further work, I came across a company called Charlie Smith Design. They are a ‘studio made up of passionate people who love nothing more than finding thoughtful and engaging solutions to our clients’ problems. Founded in 2003 by Charlie Smith (ex Pentagram), it has grown into a team of talented and dedicated designers and project managers.’ They have created work of all forms such as print, identity, digital, packaging and exhibition design. I like how versatile they are and how different each of their designs are. I really like all of their work and from scrolling through their website, each image ?stands out for different reasons.

They stated their values in their ‘About’ page:

‘We believe that collaboration results in better design, so we work closely with our clients – all of whom have a direct relationship with Charlie. We have also built a select network of independent specialists such as photographers, copywriters, and programmers giving us the flexibility to deliver projects large and small. We don’t follow fads. We believe in timeless design that will continue to serve our clients year after year. We push our clients creatively, while ensuring they always end up with a design that feels uniquely theirs.’

Over 14 years they have worked with some amazing clients such as John Lewis, V&A, Louis Vuitton, Yale, University of the Arts London and Tate.

This is their process that they use to create designs. This would be useful to return to when I create my own designs. They also collaborate with lots of different design areas, which is useful to know as I would like to explore working with other people in my designs as I think working in a team helps to achieve a better result as you can take different ideas and opinions into account.

process csd

These are some logos they have created for different companies. I love how they can go from creating something really simple and concise, such as the symbol for Namu Lux, to the logo ‘Tagliatelle’ which is quite playful and unusual.  logos


My favourite designs created by this company is everything for ‘Byron’ the fast food restaurant. I love the logo they created, and how the identity of the brand links in with everything they have designed.

Overall, I love the fun, playful and illustrated designs they create but I also like the simple identities, logos and packaging they create. Such as the labels for babywear in John Lewis which has a simple line drawn logo, but also the logo for the Baker’s workshop, which is a simple black and white, negative space logo.


I am really inspired by the designs created by this company, especially the Byron designs as I am really interested in the fun and playful illustrations some of their designers have created. I think it’s really important as a design company to expand and explore to different types and styles of design and I think Charlie Smith design has done this really well.


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