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Junction studios are a branding agency based in Brighton, and consumer joy is their main aim. They build brands that tell a story and raise a smile. which they do very effectively.

I really like some of their projects including Tonight Josephine, Four Hundred Rabbits and the Escapologist.


I really love the branding of this bar and the story behind it. It was obviously thought through very carefully and it pays off. The bar is based around Napoleon’s wife Josephine and all of her crazy adventures. I love the colour palette and the theme surrounding the bar. Everything is branded very carefully and everything links together well.


This pizzeria is branded in a similar way with an interesting back story that makes the branding stronger. The company changed the traditional colours of red and green, symbolic of Italy and made the colour palette fresh and modern. I love all of the important by small touches that they have made to make the pizzeria even more effective.


Again, Junction have made a very strong branding strategy with the use of an interesting back story:

‘The clients came to us with a Covent Garden legend, a tale of a Victorian gangster who escaped on the way to the Old Bailey and disappeared into the tunnels under Covent Garden, never to be seen again.We imagined what might have happened next and worked with Finch Interiors to create a Victorian basement clubhouse for the gangsters and puppet-masters of the time with mind-bending tricks and visions of controlling the future.As well as creating a brand kit and we created a series of portraits of the men and women who brought this society together which bring the space to life.’

I love the posters they created with old photographs and colourful overlays. They have really looked into the backstory and have made quality illustrations to go with it. The business cards and menus also follow the same branding which makes it very recognisable.





I was approached by a 3rd Year Fashion communication and promotion student at my University (NTU) to help with some graphics for her final report.

She needed a logo for a brand and a shop, ‘in which independent brands shop for their interiors in. It is a fun, on trend and an eye catching brand’. She said ‘I really want this to show within the logo. I don’t want anything too much, so something quiet bold and simple would be fab’.

She gave me a colour palette so I could get on with designing,

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 11.59.25

I began with experimenting with the colour palette and fonts in different layouts to find the right one for the student I was doing the work for.

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 22.12.44Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 22.13.01

After playing around with these logos, they decided that they liked a more retro logo, that looks 3D. I liked this logo as it is fun and unusual, it is also simple, with no imagery to clutter the logo. They then decided that they liked the 3D logo and asked if it could be made black and white too, so it could,d be used on multiple background colours and in different contexts.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 11.58.08.png

Furthermore, to make the shop seem more real and to explore how the logo could be used, I added the logo to different objects.


These objects work really well with the logo, they look very stylish and would appeal to a younger market. I then added the logo to a sign for the outside of the shop.

sign mockup

I think it looks very realistic and the logo also suits the type of sign this is. The client was happy with the outcome and the multiple deliverables that they could use for their report.

I also was asked to create more mockups on different forms of communication.

I created mockups of instagram pages and stories:

This was important as the shop had to communicate with customers on social media sites.

Furthermore, I mocked up posters that would advertise the shop.

And finally, I added an already made advert to a magazine.

Photorealistic Magazine MockUp 2

Collaboration with Ella Lee, 3rd Year Fashion Communication and Promotion student at Nottingham Trent University.


MARCH 2018

For this years D&AD New Blood Awards, I decided that I would take on the Hotel Indigo brief where we were asked to create a sense of a neighbourhood that one of the hotels were situated. We needed to really put across the feel of the area through either illustration or photography.

I decided to choose the Hotel Indigo in Birmingham, as not only is it near where I live but  after looking at images of the hotel rooms and the lobby, I thought it needed more interest and design, it needed more character to at least let people know where they’re staying!

I started by going into Birmingham and walking around the area where the hotel was and taking pictures. The hotel was located on the canal with many industrial and Victorian buildings surrounding it. One of the things I wanted to portray in the design was how chaotic and busy the city is. I wanted to show how versatile the city is and how many different styles can be found there. I took pictures of buildings, canal boats and some iron work that I found interesting.

I then began to draw the different aspects of the area with different medias, using pencil crayons, chalk and I also used mono printing techniques.

Speaking of mono prints, I continued my exploration with the mono printing to create more designs that could possibly help me create an illustration for Hotel Indigo!!

I liked the outcome of these as I thought it represented Birmingham’s industrial past quite well, however it was hard to make a whole illustration dedicated to these.

I then very fortunately came across Hannah Waldron’s artwork and was completely inspired by her Empty Zoo print. I instantly changed my idea and went in a different direction.


I loved the colours and tiny details in this print, as well as the composition of the buildings. I began to reimagine the buildings in Birmingham into a composition similar to this.

I initially created this design with pencil crayon, which I then scanned in and changed the colours of it to see how it could work.

I didn’t think that this was enough as the design looked very flat and quite boring. Therefore I combined the mono prints that I created and this pencil drawing.

And this happened! This was the final outcome that I was happy with and that I submitted to the competition. However, I still wanted to play around with it to see if I could make it look better…

I think this design looks a bit less daunting and scary than the one above, but maybe it looks too friendly and picture perfect with a blue sky, not quite representative of Birmingham!!




I have always been interesting in surface patterns as I have been drawn to bright, bold patterns. I love patterns that are abstract or ones that are floral related, with leaves, plants and flowers.


I first found this artists work on Instagram where she posted so many colourful and eye catching designs but also fun illustrations.

Many of Jacqueline’s work is screen printed or printed from a Risograph, which I am very interested in pursuing as I really like the finish and the colours it produces!

Her work is so versatile as she has designed for Oasis, wallpaper, Ohh Deer, magazines, throws and many more! This is the proof of amazing surface patterns as they can be placed onto every medium. The colour palette is also very complimentary, it’s very bright  but not too harsh for it to be too much for wallpaper.


Amber’s work is quite similar to Jacqueline, however she paints some of her designs, as well as screen printing and Lino printing. I am really inspired by designers and artists that print using different techniques as I would like to try it myself.

As well as printing, she also embroidered some designs, which is also something I’m interested in. I love the colours she uses and is consistent in all of her work, the contrast between the darker blues and greens to the pink is striking. Similarly to Jacqueline Colley’s work, Amber Davenport also focuses on plants and trees in her designs, which I think I am also drawn to.


Finally, in contrast to the other two designers, Samantha Russo is an abstract artist that uses mixed media to create her bright and beautiful designs.

Simply looking at the images of Samantha’s work, it is extremely different to the other artists, however it is still as powerful. I love the colours and the textures of the mixed media, with the small details adding more interest. The colours that she uses compliment each other really well, even when black is used, as it fits in really well.

Even the exploration in her sketchbook is inspiring. The idea of experimenting with different medias and colours and layering them on top of each other is a good idea, I would like to try do more of this to create better textures and ideas for my work.




Whilst on a trip to Italy over the summer, I took some pictures of things that I could use as reference in the future for work.


I also found some artwork that I really like the style of, however unfortunately I don’t know the name of the artist.



I have always enjoyed painting as I have done both art and graphics as subjects in the past so I have found that I can apply it to both. I find that I am best at landscape painting as I can paint freely without having to conform to lines, for example in architectural painting or getting proportions correct with portraits.

I was asked to paint Wollaton Hall in Nottingham so I went there first and took some primary images so I could work from them. Obviously I would love to paint the hall whilst actually there but due to conditions, it would be quite difficult.

These were the images I took. I tried to get a variety of angles so I could choose the best one. I also went there multiple times to get different environments as I wasn’t sure whether I wanted it to be cloudy or sunny. I finally decided on an image and as you can see I split it into 3 sections as I was asked to use 3 canvasses. I went with a straight on view of the hall as I think this represented it best and I chose blue sky as I think it looks brighter and more welcoming.

I then began drawing the hall, which was the most difficult part as there is a lot of detail. It was also hard to get the perspective and proportions correct.

The images here show how I began to paint the hall and the landscape surrounding it. I started with the sky, as this would be the background and then proceeded to paint the trees and then the hall. This is so the objects in the foreground would be painted last and therefore stand out the most. I used acrylic paint and a range of brushes and sponges to get the desired effect.

I got further with the hall, which was the most difficult part due to the detail so it took a long time, it eventually started coming together, even though I had to keep redoing parts and changing the colours to get it right.

I eventually finished it,


and it went up on their wall,


So all in all, I think it was a success and I think for my first commission painting, it went well and I will definitely take more commissions in the future.


I found a competition that I thought would be really interesting and fun to enter, but would also help me experience real world work. MTV released a competition through MTV Breaks which allows people to design for the EMA’s which are being held in London this year. For graphic design, it was asked for us to design the winners envelope, that could be used in the 2017 EMAS!

I began by researching previous winners envelopes that were designed, however it was really difficult to find them.

These are the designs that I found, however I am still not sure whether these are previous designs or whether people have designed these for the competition. I have realised that geometric shapes and bold colours are popular. When I think of MTV, it’s very fun and quirky, so I tried to go along these lines.

I initially used some monoprints that I created a while ago, because I thought that they would be perfect in making a fun and quirky design. I took the monoprints into Photoshop and I added a gradient map to add colour.

These are the monoprints that I added colour to. I wanted to see if bright, bold colours would work better than muted pastel/neon colours and I came to the conclusion that they do. I also ruled out the consistent ‘wavy’ pattern as I didn’t think that this would look good on an envelope.

I then made a clipping mask in Illustrator with the patterns and added the MTV logo to finish the design.


As you can see, I have created many designs as I couldn’t find one that I thought would fit the competition the best. I didn’t think it would be enough to just have the pattern and no other details, so I began adding parts, however I still wasn’t happy. I continued with this until I found a design that I liked.

This was my final design for the competition. I am happy with it as I think it is bold and colourful.



I worked with a design agency called Emphasis, based in Leeds, for a week. I worked on 2 projects and I saw how a company works, with the staffing structure, the structure of projects and how they start and also how they work with clients. It was really interesting to have an insight into the job that I would like to do. I really enjoyed the work I did and I realised that I would like to carry on pursuing that career and subject, however I also decided that I think working in an office environment is not really for me.


To start the first project, which was a rebrand for an architectural company called ‘EDIT Architecture’, I created a moodboard containing inspiration for the project, with existing logos from other architecture companies and websites. The company asked for a simple, monochrome branding, that would be attractive and reflect the companies architectural designs.

This is a compilation of my designs for a logo for Edit architecture. I did many different designs so I could develop and redesign parts of it to get the perfect idea. I firstly pursued solely text as the client wanted a simple monochrome design. However, I then looked a other architecture logos and realised that some had very minimal design with lines or a symbol. Therefore I developed my designs and added lines and small imagery. I tried to go along the lines of architecture/interior designs by using straight lines and even attempting to make one design look like a blueprint. I kept changing and altering parts of the logo and I finally found a symbol that I thought represented the company well. This design is the 3D ‘E’ that also looks like a 3D design of 3 floors of a building. I was quite proud of this design as I thought it worked well and implies 2 different sides to the company, which was interiors and exteriors. I then went on to add very minimal, pale and pastel colours to the design to see if it could be applied to different aspects. I also tried to create a business card using the logo I designed and the colour scheme that I decided on.

I really enjoyed creating a logo for a real company as it helped to know what they were really about and to have them say what kind of concept they wanted. I also realised how important it is to look at existing designs and take inspiration from these.


The next project that I worked on was a website for an estate agency called ‘Reloc8’. It was so fun working on a real website and learning how to add buttons, images, banners, text and other aspects to a working website. On the following screenshots, it shows some of the additions I made to the website, which included the banners at the top of each page and buttons on the pages that takes customers to other pages on the website. The website is now live which is really exciting to know that I worked on something that will actually be used.


After working with Emphasis, I have realised how much I love designing and how much I would love to do it in the future. I will strive to try to work with more design agencies and work on live projects as I think it really helps with my confidence in my designs and it helped me to overcome problems and think of a way to get around them.


Bedow is a design agency based in Stokholm, Sweden and it started when Perniclas Bedow lost his day job at an advertising agency, he then decided to create his own company. The company now has 4 designs and often employs interns that are graduates.

Perniclas Bedow said ‘Since we spend more than half of our lives at work, I think the most important thing is that we work with clients we like. Working with clients we like also makes us care and I think you can see that in our work. So the answer would be that it is mutual — careful work attracts careful clients and vice versa.’ I think this is really important as if you’re not interested in the work, the work won’t be good. But you also have to work well with the people you are designing for as you need to understand the goal.

Bedow’s design process is as follows: ‘We have a quite rational design process. We set up a strategy together with the client and decide what is relevant to communicate. When we have boiled everything down to one keyword, we start thinking about how to visualise that word. Those who take a closer look at our portfolio can probably spot a keyword in many of our projects.’

After looking over the work on their website, I really like the work that they create as it is really fun and quirky. However, I do like other projects more than others, as I think some designs are slightly boring and do not attract my attention straight away.

Firstly, I really like their album cover design for ‘It’s Time For…’ by The Hope Singers.

I really love the colour palette they used for the whole cover and I think the colours really stand out against the brown cardboard background. The text and the images are screen printed, which I was really interested in because I love the process and outcome of this technique. I love the font they have used as each letter is different and I love the little illustrations created for the front and the extra booklet.

My attention was also caught by the little monster on their website, which had ‘Fable’ written underneath.

I love the really simple colour scheme they have used as it allows viewers to focus on the fun illustrations. ‘Fable’ is a new skate brand aimed at skaters that want to ride and make a difference at the same time. Half of Fable’s profit goes to charity — mainly to projects that keep skateboarding an inclusive sport. The assignment included a logotype, character design, color palette, illustrations, merchandise, naming, patterns, skateboard design, animations and typography.

This style is really interesting to me as the quirky and strange characters is something that I would like to design in the future, if the right project pops up.

In contrast to the simple colour scheme of the previous project, this visual identity and communication concept for BAAAM — a digital destination delivering engaging lifestyle content for young women, has many bright but pastel colours. I really love the patterns and colours which contrast with the flowing white text.

I think the patterns and colours really will appeal to women, which is who it is aimed at. I am really inspired by the designs of this particular project.

And finally, Bedow has created a brand strategy for Dohop — one of the top flight search engines in the world. Assignment included logotype, custom typefaces, color palette, illustrations, animations, pictograms and stationery.

Again, this project is really playful and fun. I love the line drawn pictograms and how they’re paired with the simple, but computerised font. This project’s goal was to make holiday shopping more fun, which I think has been successful as the small images and the colour scheme make it less boring.


After researching and trying to find more inspiration for further work, I came across a company called Charlie Smith Design. They are a ‘studio made up of passionate people who love nothing more than finding thoughtful and engaging solutions to our clients’ problems. Founded in 2003 by Charlie Smith (ex Pentagram), it has grown into a team of talented and dedicated designers and project managers.’ They have created work of all forms such as print, identity, digital, packaging and exhibition design. I like how versatile they are and how different each of their designs are. I really like all of their work and from scrolling through their website, each image ?stands out for different reasons.

They stated their values in their ‘About’ page:

‘We believe that collaboration results in better design, so we work closely with our clients – all of whom have a direct relationship with Charlie. We have also built a select network of independent specialists such as photographers, copywriters, and programmers giving us the flexibility to deliver projects large and small. We don’t follow fads. We believe in timeless design that will continue to serve our clients year after year. We push our clients creatively, while ensuring they always end up with a design that feels uniquely theirs.’

Over 14 years they have worked with some amazing clients such as John Lewis, V&A, Louis Vuitton, Yale, University of the Arts London and Tate.

This is their process that they use to create designs. This would be useful to return to when I create my own designs. They also collaborate with lots of different design areas, which is useful to know as I would like to explore working with other people in my designs as I think working in a team helps to achieve a better result as you can take different ideas and opinions into account.

process csd

These are some logos they have created for different companies. I love how they can go from creating something really simple and concise, such as the symbol for Namu Lux, to the logo ‘Tagliatelle’ which is quite playful and unusual.  logos


My favourite designs created by this company is everything for ‘Byron’ the fast food restaurant. I love the logo they created, and how the identity of the brand links in with everything they have designed.

Overall, I love the fun, playful and illustrated designs they create but I also like the simple identities, logos and packaging they create. Such as the labels for babywear in John Lewis which has a simple line drawn logo, but also the logo for the Baker’s workshop, which is a simple black and white, negative space logo.


I am really inspired by the designs created by this company, especially the Byron designs as I am really interested in the fun and playful illustrations some of their designers have created. I think it’s really important as a design company to expand and explore to different types and styles of design and I think Charlie Smith design has done this really well.